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"Love Life Has Done Everything They Committed To Do"-Alondra's Story

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Alondra and her mentor Mrs.Terry

Alondra is one of the thousands of women who visit an abortion clinic, simply because they are unsure of what to do. The “voices” closest to her were telling her to abort, but something in her spirit told her that wasn’t the right thing to do. This is her story of how she found herself at the Latrobe abortion center and ultimately chose life for her baby boy.

I had been bleeding and not feeling well. I went to the emergency room and was told that it appeared as if I was having a miscarriage. Several days later, as the pain began to worsen, my mother stated that if I was experiencing so much discomfort and the doctor said I was having a miscarriage I should terminate the pregnancy. She reminded me that I already have one child and advised me that if anything was going to be physically wrong with this baby it was best to end it.

Initially, I listened and we decided to go to the Latrobe abortion center and terminate the pregnancy. As we were driving there, I felt in my heart that what I was about to do was wrong. I asked God that if He was okay with this to please make it go quickly, but that if it was not, to intervene in some way and stop it from happening.

As we approached the abortion center, we encountered a large crowd standing in front of the clinic. I remember being surprised to see them singing and praying. My mother asked someone if this was the clinic, to which they responded “yes” and then asked if I was planning to have an abortion. I told the woman standing outside our car “yes.” Before we drove on she asked if someone could speak with us and share about the different options available. I told her that my mother did not speak english and they told me not to worry that she would get someone who spoke Spanish to talk with us.

A woman named Ms. Terry and a young man came to the car and began to share with us that I didn’t have to do this. That there were other alternatives and that if I chose life, an organization called Love Life would partner me with a mentor who would encourage me, walk with me and ensure that I would not have to do this pregnancy alone.

I began to cry. Terry convinced my mother to go with me onto the H.E.L.P. PRC mobile medical unit so I could see the baby for myself and be assured that everything was fine. We did, and at that moment I knew God had answered my prayer and I chose to keep my baby.

Just two days later I received a call from Love Life letting me know that they would be partnering me with a mentor. I asked if it were possible for Ms. Terry to be my mentor and after speaking to her, she graciously accepted.

Love Life and Ms. Terry have kept their word. They have done everything that they committed to do and Ms. Terry has been with me every step of the way through my pregnancy. As a gift, Love Life scheduled a 3D ultrasound that allowed me to see my baby boy so clearly and Ms. Terry along with a group of women from her church, FIRE Church, threw me the most incredible shower. 

In the beginning, my mother was very skeptical about what was being offered and told me on many occasions that she didn’t think they would follow through with everything they were promising.

She was wrong and today, she is so grateful for everything Love Life and Ms. Terry have done for us.

I truly believe that my baby boy has a purpose in life. Through this experience, God has shown me that there are good people who really care and that my children and I have a future and we are not alone.

Alondra welcomed her son, Pedro Antonio, into the world on March 1st, 2018. She is beyond grateful for his life and the incredible support from Ms. Terry, Love Life and all those who encouraged her to choose life and who continue to walk beside her and her family.

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