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LOVE ADELAIDE: Rallying Support For the Pre-Born in Australia

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Several weeks ago, we made mention of a group in Australia that has taken seriously the call to fight for the pre-born. Love Adelaide was founded after a believer in South Australia's capital city of Adelaide caught wind of what God is doing in North Carolina as The Church of Jesus Christ comes together around the issue of abortion. While in America, she attended one of our prayer walks and approached our leadership about replicating what is being done back home in Australia.

She began immediately working with members of the local church to organize a prayer walk at the areas largest abortion center. On August 31st, 220 people representing 65 local churches gathered in a small park near the abortion center. They began with a time of worship before prayer walking around the city's largest abortion center twice.

Much like in the US, the political climate in Australia is very hostile towards those that would stand up for the pre-born. As with many states in the US, South Australia recently introduced a bill that would legalize full term abortions. With just two days notice, 10,000 believers united together in Sydney to pray on the night of the vote resulting in the bill being postponed to allow for public consultation.

While the fight is real, we are so encouraged to see The Church being united on a global scale. While it is both exciting and encouraging, we must be reminded of the very real modern day holocaust that is taking place around the world and continue to engage the culture around us as we work to build a culture of Love and Life.

Learn more about how you can make an impact today in the work God is doing both locally and globally by visiting our connections page at

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