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Planned Parenthood Ousts New CEO Leana Wen After Just 8 Months

Media outlets erupted yesterday following the news that abortion giant Planned Parenthood allegedly terminated its CEO Dr. Leana Wen in a what was billed as a "secret meeting." Dr. Wen replaced longtime Planned Parenthood CEO Cecil Richards in November of last year and served as the first medical doctor to lead the organization in a number of years.

Dr. Wen took to twitter to announce her termination followed by a statement regarding "philosophical differences" between her approach and that of the Planned Parenthood Board.

In her official statement Dr. Wen remarked, "I am leaving the organization sooner than I had hoped because of philosophical differences about the direction and future of Planned Parenthood." Dr. Wen elaborated on her desire to run a national healthcare organization that provided and protected the "full spectrum of reproductive health care."

She went on to express the concerns of the new board focus primarily on abortion rights advocacy in the wake of changing legislation and the current landscape of abortion rights in the country.

In layman's terms, what this means is that Dr. Wen, a board certified physician, desired to see Planned Parenthood actually do what they claim to do; offer a broad range of women's health care services to women in need. Through various leak videos provided by LIVE ACTION and other pro-life groups, it's painfully clear that Planned Parenthood's primary objective is and always has been to provide abortions. The position of Planned Parenthood's Board and subsequent termination of Dr. Wen validates this claim.

What this means on a broader scale is that Planned Parenthood is scared. They can see the tide turning as many Americans, who have been silent on the issue of abortion are now speaking up. Following New York's passing of the Reproductive Health Act, it appears that many Americans believe the pro-choice movement has gone too far. Numerous states have fired back with legislation of their own, many of which protect and preserve a child's life from the first detectable heartbeat.

This is a huge win for The Church and pro-life groups as we continue to pray for and seek to see abortion become unthinkable in this nation. But we must be clear, the demise of an organization like Planned Parenthood or the eventual outlawing of abortion all together is not the goal, nor the solution. Families will continue facing unplanned pregnancies whether abortion is legal or not and it is the responsibility of The Church to step in and be the hands and feet of Jesus to these families.

That is and has been the mission of Love Life from day one. To create a culture of Love and Life where families stop running to abortion clinics and start running to the Local Church. This latest hiccup that seems to have Planned Parenthood attempting to regroup is good news certainly, but we have a greater call than to simply elect pro-life legislators or to see abortion outlawed.

And we need your help. Love Life is actively mobilizing The Church in three cities in North Carolina and will be launching in New York City in September. We need financial supporters as more than 30 different states have contacted Love Life about launching in their cities. We need mentors to walk beside families who choose life, to throw baby showers and provide emotional and physical support as these women walk through their pregnancies. We need sidewalk counselors who recognize the importance of providing hope to men and women who feel hopeless and are just moments away from terminating their pregnancies. We need foster families who are willing to open their homes, temporarily and permanently, to see orphans placed in God fearing, loving homes.

Every person has the ability to help bring an end to abortion and the Orphan Crisis. How will you be a part of the ultimate solution, of seeing abortion become unthinkable?

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