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The Love You're Looking For

What if a post abortive man or woman could visit their pre-abortive self...what would they say?

What if most of one's life was spent wondering "what could have been" if they had just gone through with the pregnancy instead of having an abortion?

This short film "The Love You're Looking For" powerfully and painfully illustrates both of those questions. It clearly and very accurately depicts the fear, shame and guilt that both men and women face, even years after having an abortion.

Though painfully accurate, the film is an invitation. An invitation for a pregnant woman contemplating abortion to see it's devastating effects. For the post abortive man or woman, it's an invitation to find hope and healing.

Abortion leaves scars behind on everyone involved. That is why we partner with Restored Life, an organization dedicated to walking with both women and men, helping them find hope, healing and restoration after an abortion.

Please watch this very powerful short film below and if you or someone you know is considering an abortion, or struggling with guilt or shame after having an abortion, invite them to watch it with you and then reach out to Restored Life.

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