Pick your adoption week (Sunday-Saturday)

If you haven't yet done so, contact your City

Director & inform them of your chosen dates.

Charlotte -

Greensboro -

Raleigh -

New York City -

Plan for your two other adoption weeks:

  • Youth For Life (9/12)

  • Week 40: Celebrate Life (11/21)



Inform your congregation of your Adoption Week. Click here for Sample Announcement Email.

Show the promo video "I Forgive You" to your congregtaion the Sunday before your Launch.

Share to your church facebook page!



Preach a message on the Sanctity of Life.


After your sermon, you'll show the new LOVE LIFE 3D Video presentation and then ask your congregation to fill out the Commitment Cards in their seats.

LOVE LIFE will not be present at your launch but will train someone in your church to prepare an information table in your lobby. They will also place a small 3x5" commitment card in each seat before your service. We are asking you to provide a pen for each seat.



Fast and pray on Wednesday as a congregation and show up to the Prayer Walk on Saturday morning.


Those participating in your congregation will receive emails throughout the week as a reminder.