Jena is believing in creating a culture of love and life by mobilizing
the local church to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.


A Sidewalk Missionary is a person who has committed to being a voice for the voiceless by offering hope and life resources to families considering abortion at their local Abortion Centers. They recruit, train, equip, and encourage volunteers from our partnering churches to be out on the sidewalks in front of their local abortion clinic. Each of them serves under Love Life as well as the covering of their local church. Our goal is to have a Christian witness at this clinic offering help and hope every day they are open.

About Jena:
Jena found her passion for pro-life ministry during her first year of college. After serving outside of a Planned Parenthood with her school, she was convicted by the lack of church presence there. Jena has committed to serve as a sidewalk missionary with Love Life in Roanoke, Virginia. Love Life’s goal is to create a culture where families stop running to abortion centers and start running to the local church.

Jena is seeking out laborers that will fight against the Goliath we face today, abortion. As she directly ministers to families outside of the abortion clinics, Jena is in need of a faithful team that will commit to serving in one of three ways; Prayer, Financial Support, or Service. Will you answer God’s calling to be a David in Roanoke, VA?


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